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9th Pawn Entertainment

9th Pawn Entertainment coordinates on behalf of family-friendly entertainment events throughout the Midwest and Upper South.  Some examples of what 9th Pawn does:

  • Venues - Share information and negotiate with venues to ensure optimal contracts and service.
  • Publishers - Coordinate with publishers to maximize the exposure of their preferred products to event attendees.
  • Vendors - Work with vendors who participate in multiple shows to maximize their calendar and expand agreement with events.
  • Sponsors - Facilitate ways to bind their brand to the positive feelings of event attendees and coordinate with event managers for a productive year-round relationship.
  • Materials and Supplies - Negotiate preferred and bulk rates with printers and suppliers to minimize costs.
  • Artwork - Identify promising young artists and arrange mutually beneficial arrangements to raise event quality while providing high profile exposure for the artists.
  • Event Management - Coordinate staffing, execute events plans and manage finances on site for an event.